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Helikite Hotspots

State Groups

The government has many organisations such as the coastguard, border patrol, livestock inspectors, nuclear power authorities, National Parks, FBI, air crash investigators and native peoples’ reservations.

State employees often need to search, inspect or monitor outback areas. These people may work alone or in groups. Their work is often difficult and dangerous, and they are often far away from any communications, let alone 4G.


Besides verbal comms, Helikite Hotspots allow them to disseminate data, pictures, maps and videos as soon as possible, without having to move from the area. Helikite Hotspots can provide them with emergency communications and even act as an excellent Personnel Marker Balloon in critical situations, such as sustaining an injury in forested areas.


Helikite Hotspots also allow for Aerostat Surveillance, able to reach great heights in the sky, all year round. They are robust and sturdy so you can rely on Aerostat Surveillance in all weathers

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