Helikite Hotspots

Business Use

Helikite Hotspots don’t just help existing businesses, they can also create a highly profitable business from scratch. In areas where there is no mobile phone signal anyone can create a rural internet café. As the only source of internet in your area you can profitably sell internet time to local people, festival goers, or travellers. A Helikite Hotspot can also be used as an eye-catching advertising blimp

  • Utilise Helikite Hotspots as an advertising blimp to draw customers for your other business, such as a Post Office, shop, pub, or garage.

  • Take instant card payments by utilising the Helikite Hotspot to contact your bank via the internet. This is essential at rural trade shows.

  • Oil, gas, and mining companies can use Helikite Hotspots to solve numerous remote communications problems.

  • News organisations can send instant updates without the need for a satellite dish.


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