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Helikite Hotspots

Personal Use

0.7 Hotspot Helikite



Have you ever been frustrated by lack of mobile phone signal in the countryside?

This can now be solved by the new airborne Helikite Hotspot.

A Helikite aerostat is the worlds only truly aerodynamic combination of a helium balloon and carbon fibre framed kite. The patented design of our Helikites overcomes the shortfalls of normal tethered balloons since the high winds that send other aerostats crashing to the ground actually push Helikites higher into the sky. So, unlike either simple balloons or kites, the revolutionary Helikites are very reliable and stable airborne platforms in both fair and foul weather.

You will need a small, inexpensive, 4G Mi-Fi device. This receives 4G from distant masts and re-broadcasts it as a strong Wi-Fi signal that can be received by any smartphone/tablet or laptop.

The Helikite lifts the Mi-Fi device hundreds of feet into the air where it can intercept numerous clear and powerful 4G signals that are not available to phones near the ground due to terrain shading, buildings or vegetation. You get very fast, affordable internet Wi-Fi direct to your devices despite your remote location. Helikite Hotspots may double the effective range of cell phone masts.

The Helikite Hotspot is a simple and effective way of getting excellent 4G where there was none before.


Creates long range MANET network for texting using GoTennas.

What’s Included

  • 0.7m3 Skyshot Helikite + MiFi Pouch

  • Simple Hand Reel

  • 120 metres of Dyneema Flying Line

  • Big-Bag: Safety Deployment and Inflated Storage System.

  • 1x Claw Ground Anchor

  • 1x Roller Sheave Block

  • Robust Storage holdall for Hard Items

  • Helikite Instructions

  • Optional Use – Camera mount

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