Why you need portable WiFi when travelling

February 7, 2019

Internet connection is needed for nearly everything we do. Just trying to go without your phone can be difficult, let alone when you’re travelling to new places. We feel having internet connection is such a great tool to have with you when you are on the road and we always suggest having portable WiFi when travelling. With your phone having so many features, you can find anything you need in a touch of a button (or screen).


Trying to navigate with a map is just difficult. You have access to a range of map apps on your mobile with a huge range of extra features a paper map just doesn’t have. We love that we have the ability to easily and quickly find petrol stations when we need to. Being able to save locations as well as see our past stops can also be very handy. We save all of our favourite places as well as the locations we want to visit in the future so we can see everything at a glance. You can then tap the place you want to go and it will give you the directions.


There are so many apps available that can tell you all the restaurants and cafes in your area. These can also be split up and searched through in categories to find exactly what you want to eat. Depending on the app, you can view reviews to find out what other people thought about the food, place and people. Sometimes you can even book a table online all through an app. This makes searching for a nice place to eat so much easier and can all researched with portable WiFi when travelling.


Everybody loves to plan their holiday and what they will do when they get there, but it’s great to be able to have a look at the area and what’s available when you’re there.

With portable WiFi when travelling, it means you are never limited by the research you do before you go on holiday. You always have the option to see what attractions are in your area. Having portable WiFi when travelling also means you can find out last minute information if you need to. This includes what time the attraction is open as well as what food places they have available so you can always be prepared.

Stay Connected

One the days or evenings when you not out busy exploring the area and trying the local cuisine, you have the opportunity to contact with family and friends. By having portable WiFi in your van, you can ensure you can always get in contact through Skype or other internet messages services. Depending on the portable WiFi you use, you can easily stay connected with friends and family with the reassurance of fast internet speed.

Social Media/Business

Depending on your reason for travelling, you may need to ensure you always have access to portable WiFi when travelling. Some people want to ensure they can stay up to date with social media during their holiday, while others may need an internet connection to catch up with work. By having quick internet with fast and easy setup, you can ensure you can easily connect at ease for any reason.

How to have portable WiFi when travelling

Connecting to the internet while you are travelling can easily be set up. Helikite Hotspots is designed to give you the best WiFi connection when you are in the great outdoors. With many added benefits compared to other portable WiFi devices, Helikites can offer a cheaper alternative to finding the best internet connection.

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