Personal vs Professional Helikite – Which Helikite is Best For You?

March 29, 2019

Helikite Hotspots offer two different types of helikite, the personal Helikite and the professional Helikite. Find out which Helikite is best for you. Both of these Helikites can change the way you use the internet in the great outdoors, making your connection to the internet faster and more efficient.

0.7m3 Personal Helikite Hotspot

The personal helikite is a great device for everyday use. The small yet incredible sturdy balloon can fly up to 120m into the air, lifting your MiFi device for instant long range internet connection.

Available to fly for 3 days straight, you can guarantee ongoing internet connection on your travels. When the Helikite is not needed, it can be packed up into any small compartment, being only 86x42x15cm (LxWxH). Once inflated, it has a height of 65cm and width of 90cm meaning it can still be easily transported and can fit between doors.

The personal Helikite is the perfect option for travellers. Due to it’s easy transportation and ease of use, anyone travelling in RV’s can easily store the helikite with the balloon being ready to use in under 10 minutes. Even able to fly in high winds and rain due, it’s design and material means you really can receive excellent internet connection in any weather.

3m3 Professional Helikite Hotspot

The professional helikite is bigger than the personal helikite but offers a lot more. Being able to fly up to 300m in the air (with the addon of additional wire), the professional helikite can fly higher for longer.

The main difference between the two helikites is the professional helikite is able to fly in all wind conditions where the personal helikite needs wind and rain to stay stable in the air. The professional helikite also take up a bit more space. When inflated, it has a height of 120cm and width of 167cm but can stay afloat for up to 7 days straight, giving you steady and reliable connection to the internet for longer.

The perfect solution for extended outdoor use, we feel the professional helikite is ideal for summer camps, RV resorts and rural businesses. The Helikite allows for constant internet connection, bringing a huge range of new options to any outdoor or rural group.

Helikite Hotspot sets you free

Helikite Hotspot is an inexpensive alternative to satellite connection when you’re outdoors, giving you internet connection when other devices cannot detect 4g signal. Helikite Hotspots offer two different balloons so you can get the right product for you. The revolutionary product is designed to give you the best WiFi connection possible, allowing for better wifi coverage and faster speeds. To find out more on the new simple and effective way to get excellent 4G wherever you are, you can email us at

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