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No matter where you are, enjoy internet access 24/7 with Helikite Hotspots. Our Helikites are perfect for all outdoor organisations, such as campsites and summer camps that are looking to gain WiFi connection with this Mobile WiFi Hotspot.

helikites Mobile Wifi Hotspot

Helikite Hotspots are a unique device that allows you to give your customers an extra service. Nowadays, everyone is looking for internet connection. You’ll find it difficult to offer internet in a rural campsite. However, this Mobile WiFi Hotspot guarantee internet usage for all. It is simple to set up! Once your Mobile WiFi Hotspot is airborne, your guests can enjoy as much access as they please. You have complete control over the Helikite and therefore complete control of the internet access that you offer.

Some people say they want to get away from the internet when they go camping or on holiday – but do they really? What if a child gets ill? Don’t you want to contact the doctor immediately? What about that urgent, forgotten homework assignment? What if the Jeep breaks down?  How about ordering food for the camp? Applying for hunting or fishing licences? Contacting friends or colleagues?

Maybe some internet access would be useful after all?

helikites Mobile Wifi Hotspot

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