How to get better WiFi signal in your RV

March 19, 2019

If you’re currently using a MiFi for internet access in your RV, you may feel you’re not getting the best WiFi signal. This is because most of your signal is getting blocked by trees and hills. When travelling you want to visit the most perfect locations and a lot of these may be in the valleys or by a forest. You shouldn’t have to choose between internet connection and where you want to stay for the night. Helikite Hotspot has found the perfect solution to getting better WiFi signal in your RV whilst still staying in your favourite places.

What is Helikite Hotspot?

Helikite Hotspots is the low-cost alternative to satellites whilst being able to offer better WiFi coverage and faster internet connection. The Helikite flies high in the sky able to find 4G base stations that would otherwise be blocked by trees and hills to give you a better WiFI signal in your RV.

How It Works

A simple and inexpensive Mi-Fi device is needed to be placed inside the pouch on the side of the Helikites tail. With the Helikite high in the sky, the Mi-Fi device can now connect to 4G base stations that were hidden by terrain shading, buildings and vegetation. The Helikite is easy to set up, taking just under 10 minutes before it is ready to use. All you need is the Helikite and some Helium.

How It Exceeds

This aerodynamic Helikite exceeds other aerostats due to its patented design. The use of a carbon fibre framed kite along with a helium balloon means that high winds actually help push the Helikite keeping it airborne during wind and rain, creating a reliable and stable flight. This is where other tethered balloons would usually fail, crashing to the ground.

Why Use Helikite Hotspots

The Helikite can be set up and ready to use within 10 minutes, giving you up to 4x better WiFi coverage and up to 10x faster connection speed compared to satellites in no time. This revolutionary design can help to give you better WiFi signal in your RV at any given time. The Helikite can fly for 3 days between small helium top ups so you’ll have an endless connection with the guarantee of still having signal through wind and rain, perfect for those drizzly days when you just want to stay indoors.

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