Get the most out for your Professional Helikite Hotspot

April 26, 2019

Using a Helikite Hotspot can transform the way you connect to the internet in the great outdoors. The Helikite is an aerostat that uses a simple and inexpensive MiFi device. It lifts the MiFi higher into the sky so you are able to connect to the internet, even when you are hidden behind trees or buildings.

Helikite Hotspot offer a Personal Helikite and a Professional Helikite, but we want to make sure you are using your professional Helikite to the best of its abilities. We have spoken about a few of the Professional Helikites best features so you can utilise it to its fullest potential.

7 days of consistent internet connection

With the Professional Helikite, you can receive up to 7 days of quality internet connection. Our patented helikite design is made with extra thick polyurethane balloon material which allows for better helium retention. We suggest up keeping the helikite with small helium top ups between the 7 days, to ensure you get the most out of your Helikite Hotspot.

Connect with GoTenna

As well as using your MiFi device to find an excellent internet connection, we also suggest using a GoTenna. This device allows you to send text messages on the go. When hidden by trees or hills, finding phone service can be a struggle. This is because the signal cannot penetrate through the hills or forests. GoTenna is similar to a MiFi, but allows for you to extend your phone signal. By combining the GoTenna with our Helikite, you will be able to receive excellent phone signal.

Stay Connected during bad weather

The professional helikite can stay sturdy throughout the majority of weather conditions. Our Helikite exceed other aerostats by staying stable through wind and rain. These weather conditions would usually send other helikites crashing to the ground. Our patented design actually sends the Helikite higher in the sky, allowing for internet connection throughout the bad weather.

Perfect Aerostrat Photography

Our Professional Helikite has a camera attachment as an additional extra. This feature is a safe and easy to use system that gives you perfect aerial photography. Attaching this device to your Helikite Hotspot gives you a whole range of new options, including surveillance and science studies. The Helikite Hotspot is robust and study and has the ability to reach great heights. This enables you to receive reliable aerostat photography.

How can the Professional Helikite Hotspot help you?

The Professional Helikite Hotspot gives your great, consistent internet connection as well as a range of extras that suit your requirements. Being more than just aerostat balloon, Helikite Hotpots gives you the ability to change how you use technology whilst you’re off the grid.

Want to find out how we can help your organisation with excellent internet connection? Or want to find out more about our camera attachment system? You can email us at

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