Get the most out for your Professional Helikite Hotspot

Using a Helikite Hotspot can transform the way you connect to the internet in the great outdoors. The Helikite is an aerostat that uses a simple and inexpensive MiFi device. It lifts the MiFi higher into the sky so you are able to connect to the internet, even when you are hidden behind trees or […]

5 national parks in America you need to visit

There are over 50 national parks in America, each of them displaying stunning landscapes, with a range of trails and activities for you to explore. We have found some of the most beautiful national parks in America that are definitely worth a visit for finding the perfect view and a gorgeous place to stay in […]

Personal vs Professional Helikite – Which Helikite is Best For You?

Helikite Hotspots offer two different types of helikite, the personal Helikite and the professional Helikite. Find out which Helikite is best for you. Both of these Helikites can change the way you use the internet in the great outdoors, making your connection to the internet faster and more efficient. 0.7m3 Personal Helikite Hotspot The personal […]

How to get better WiFi signal in your RV

If you’re currently using a MiFi for internet access in your RV, you may feel you’re not getting the best WiFi signal. This is because most of your signal is getting blocked by trees and hills. When travelling you want to visit the most perfect locations and a lot of these may be in the […]

3 of the best mobile hotspots for travellers

A mobile hotspot for travellers is great. They allow for you to stay connected to the internet with the reassurance of not having to use public wi-fi or using up all your mobile data. Public wi-fi usually has a very slow connection due to the number of other people using it and may not always […]

Why you need portable WiFi when travelling

Internet connection is needed for nearly everything we do. Just trying to go without your phone can be difficult, let alone when you’re travelling to new places. We feel having internet connection is such a great tool to have with you when you are on the road and we always suggest having portable WiFi when […]

Must have RV accessories and gadgets for every traveller

There’s nothing better than exploring the great outdoors in an RV. Long open roads and endless possibilities is what an RV is perfect for. You want to be as comfortable as possible with all the equipment you’ll need on the road. This is why we have prepared this blog; with all the must have RV […]

How to Get the Best WiFi Signal Coverage in Your RV

When on an RV trip, your time should be spent enjoying yourself and relaxing. This could include streaming a movie or getting in contact with friends and family members. The last thing you need is no internet connection when you want it. There are many options that allow you to have your own internet access in [...]