Frequently Asked Questions

How high can the Helikite Hotspots fly?

With enough flying line the 0.7m3 HH can fly up to 1,000ft, and the 3m3 HH up to 4,000ft, BUT this altitude may not be allowed by law in many areas. Also the Mi-Fi device will not send Wi-Fi signal more than about 300ft. So 300ft is the practical limit for MiFi HH use, which is why there is enough flying line for this altitude supplied.

What about the helium?

The personal HH can be filled from 2 lightweight disposable helium tanks easily available from Amazon, Walmart etc. You need the ones that will fill 50″ x 9″ party balloons.

The Professional HH needs filling from hired helium cylinders available nationwide from Air Products, Praxair or other local helium gas suppliers.

What weather can the Helikite Hotspot fly in?

The personal HH can fly in nil wind and winds up to 25mph.
The professional HH can fly in nil wind and winds up to 35 mph.
The professional HH can also fly in heavy rain, even without wind. Whereas, the personal can only fly in rain if there is wind.

Can I use any Mifi Device?

Yes. Some have longer range Wi-Fi than others. As a general rule, those with shorter battery life (about 6 hours) seem to have more range (about 300ft), those with longer battery life (8 hours) seem to have shorter range (about 200ft).