How to Get the Best WiFi Signal Coverage in Your RV

January 12, 2019

When on an RV trip, your time should be spent enjoying yourself and relaxing. This could include streaming a movie or getting in contact with friends and family members. The last thing you need is no internet connection when you want it. There are many options that allow you to have your own internet access in your RV. You can buy a satellite or use your mobile 4G, but these do not guarantee internet connection. Wondering how to get the best wifi signal coverage in your RV? Helikite Hotspots give you a guaranteed internet connection, which is 10x faster than satellite internet connection.

Problems With Satellite Internet Connection

Satellite internet is one of the methods that RVers use to access the internet. The satellite will get signals from space and send the signals to a modem in the RV. A satellite can be installed to your roof and a portable satellite that is stood on a tripod.

Satellites become an issue if you set up camp below trees or burrowed in mountain valleys, as this blocks the signal. The satellite may not be visible meaning you will not get a clear signal. This is where our Helikite Hotspots are superior:

How to Get the Best Wifi Signal Coverage in Your RV With Helikite Hotspots

The Helikite Hotspot is an alternative option to providing internet to remote locations. The hotspot can be especially useful if you are travelling in an RV, as it can still provide internet access in mountain valleys. This is due to the Helikite being able to float above the valley to find the best wifi signal coverage in your RV.

The Helikite works by using a Mi-Fi which is connected to the Aerostat. The Aerostat can then be flown higher than a satellite for your RV to find the best connection for your devices. This can give you up to 4x better WiFi coverage.

Helikite Hotspot is an inexpensive option, especially compared to satellite connection which can cost up to tens of thousands of dollars. The Helikite costs from $1499 to $4299 depending on if you need a Personal WiFi hotspot or Professional WiFi hotspot. Once you have brought the product, all you need is a Mi-Fi and a helium tank.

Unlike satellite internet, there is a variety of internet options available. When you buy your Helikite, you will need to buy a Mi-Fi if you do not already own one. There are many Mi-Fi’s that all offer you different packages. This takes into consideration, battery life, range of WiFi and data usage. The MiFi cost around $65 per month for unlimited data.

The Helikite Hotspots gives you the best WiFi signal coverage in your RV. They can be used by state organisations looking for a route of communications, RV users who want an internet connection, and much more. Pick your Helikite Hotspots and enjoy the convenience of mobile internet connection wherever you go in the world.

best Wifi signal coverage in your RV

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