5 national parks in America you need to visit

April 11, 2019

There are over 50 national parks in America, each of them displaying stunning landscapes, with a range of trails and activities for you to explore. We have found some of the most beautiful national parks in America that are definitely worth a visit for finding the perfect view and a gorgeous place to stay in your RV.

Yellowstone – Wyoming, Montana & Idaho

Well known for being the first national park in America, Yellowstone National Park is home to amazing wildlife and many adventures. This enormous park spreads across Wyoming, Montana and Idaho with 3,500 square feet of land for you to explore. The Yellowstone National Park’s favourite feature is it’s volcanic hotspot but offers a huge range more for you during your stay. There are over 90 different trails for you to explore, with waterfalls, lakes, springs and famous geysers for you to discover along your journey.

With over 10 different camping grounds in this gorgeous national park in America, you can find the perfect spot to set up and stay in your RV. All these sites are still in reach of all the beautiful sights you want to see.

Sequoia National Park – California

This stunning landscape provides a stunning new look on nature. A forest surrounded by trees that only grow in this national park in America, you will experience some of America’s greatest nature. Along with the beautiful scenery to take in, there is also 40 different trails for you to explore. Combined with fishing, rock climbing, snowshoeing, there is a huge range of activities for you to experience.

The Sequoia National Park has over a dozen campgrounds available so you can wake up to some of the most beautiful views. Surrounded by gorgeous nature, you may struggle to find internet access whilst camping in this national park. Helikite Hotspots can help to fly above the trees so you can find internet good quality internet signal.

Taughannock Falls State Park – New York

One of the most gorgeous places to visit, this national park in America is home to the natural Taughannock waterfall. 215 feet of plunge waterfall, this park offers spectacular views and 4 different trails for you to discover. Along with stunning views, the trails provide lakes for swimming, picnic areas and a playground for an activity-filled day.

This national park provides one big camping area with over 60 camping spots for you to stay. You can find a cosy spot to relax after your hiking through the gorgeous waterfall trail and still be in sight of the stunning views of Cayuga Lake.

White Mountain National Forest – New Hampshire

Home to a huge range of wildlife, this national park in America provides a huge range of natural beauty as well as activities for you to explore and discover. Mount Washington, known for its extreme weather is the perfect hiking destination for stunning views. With over 3,000 square kilometres of forest for you to explore, along with 137 trails ready for you to hike, you can find the perfect adventure. If hiking is not for you and you don’t want to miss out on these gorgeous views, you can use the Mount Washington Cog Railway. A scenic train ride can take you all the way to the mountain peak, showing you the best views on your way.

The White Mountains has over 30 different campsites for you to stay in after your exciting and tiring day in this gorgeous forest. From family-friendly to RV only, you can find the perfect spot that is close to the attraction for you.

Superior National Forest – Minnesota

This National Park in America displays woods and water for as far as your eye can see. Along with a huge range of activities available, the Superior National Forest has over 25 different hiking trails for you to explore and enjoy. Three million acres of land, water, rocks and trees cover this gorgeous national park but this forest is well known for its vast amounts of lakes and water resources, creating gorgeous views on any trail. Along with the views, you can also spend your time cycling, skiing or canoeing around this stunning piece of land.

With 3 secluded campsites in this National Park, you can stay in the perfect spot giving you beautiful views and a place to stay right next to the adventure.

Good Quality WiFi in National Parks in America

After a long day hiking and exploring, it’s great to be able to get back to your RV and sit back and relax. Having good quality internet connection on your travels means you can spend your days or evenings catching up with friends and family, getting back to playing your favourite games or relaxing in from of the TV whilst streaming your favourite programmes and TV shows.

With these National Parks usually being surrounded by trees and hills, it can be hard to find good quality internet where you’re staying. Helikite Hotspots has found the perfect solution. Our Helikite can fly above the trees to find the perfect signal, all you have to do is connect to the Mi-Fi device in the Helikite and you’re ready to go. To find out more about how Helikite Hotspots can transform the way you travel, you can email us on info@helikites.com.

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